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Wreck diving in St Kitts.

The wrecks you will find here in St Kitts are all from the modern era, our oldest wreck is the Liamuiga which goes back to the early ’80s.
There are plenty of 18th century anchors around on the reefs but any remnants of wooden ships have long since gone.
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Wreck of the Corinthian

The Corinthian Wreck Site, St Kitts, is an old tug boat that sank in 1995.
It sits in 60 ft of water perfectly upright on a sandy seabed.
Just along this bottom is a reef system that tops out at 35 ft.
The wreck is almost pristine, looks like it just sank, very little damage is visible.
Because of the proximity of the shallow reef right next to this wreck, this is an ideal site to combine a “Wreck and Reef” on the same dive.
Watch out for Rays and Flounders in the sandy seabed.

Depths 35 ft to 60 ft

A New look at the Corinthian Wreck November 2019

River Taw Wreck

The River Taw Wreck Dive Site in St Kitts is located just offshore of Frigate Bay.
The ship began sinking in the harbor in 1981 and was towed to its current resting place.
An Island Cargo Ship, it was 144 ft in length until Hurricane Hugo split it into 2 sections in 1989.
Hurricane Omar did a little more “rearranging”. The wreck now has its bow and stern sections about 50 feet apart.
This dive has to be one of the best wreck dives around. All of the decks and superstructure is covered in Sponges and Coral. Fish life is abundant. There is usually a resident Barracuda although “George” who was here for many years has long moved on.
Once an easy penetration swim, this is no longer possible due to Hurricane Damage.
If you follow the anchor chain it leads to a sunken bulldozer, a minibus and an abundance of marine life

Depths 25 ft to 40 ft

Wreck of the River Taw St KItts

Wreck of the Talata

The Talata Wreck Dive Site, St Kitts is an old freighter that sunk in a hurricane in 1985.
It sits in 45 ft to 55 ft of water.
There is a second smaller wreck on this site, about 10 minutes swim across the 35 ft deep reef.
The structure has mostly deteriorated but the larger parts of the original wreck remain.
Lots of steel structural sections to search under for Lobsters, Crabs, Eels and other critters.
The original ships gear, winches and machinery are all encrusted with sponges and corals. You will see shoals of Yellowtail Snapper, Squirrelfish and Chromis which inhabit this wreck.

Depths 35 ft to 60 ft

A New look at the Wreck of the MV Talata St Kitts

Wreck of the Liamuiga

The Liamuiga Wreck Site, St Kitts is located just north of Basseterre harbor.
This is actually “half a wreck”, the other half was broken up for scrap.
This wreck lies on the edge of a sand basin surrounded by a coral reef.
Upside down on the reef edge, the wreck is around 60 ft long and most of the hull is still intact.
Good site for Lobster, Moray eels and large Pufferfish.
Following the anchor chain from the wreck leads you across the sand to the reef.

Depths 40 ft to 65 ft

Huge Pufferfish on the wreck of the Liamuiga St Kitts

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