Padi Self Reliant (Solo) Diver course

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Not just for Solo Divers but also for any diver that wishes to become more self sufficient underwater.

Self Sufficiency = The ability to look after ones self.

Learn to rely on yourself first before others, and be better prepared to deal with difficult circumstances..

Videographers, dive leaders, keen photographers and travelling divers (who always get “insta-buddies”) will find the principles of this course beneficial even when they are not diving alone.

Divers interested in technical diving can apply the principles of this course to team diving, learning to rely first on themselves before relying on others.

This course qualifies as one of the 5 Specialty courses required for Master Scuba Diver Certification.

The Padi Solo Diver course has 4 components

Home Study – Padi course notes will be emailed to you.

Classroom session.

Shallow Water session available if required.

Open Water Dives – Total of 4 boat dives, at a minimum the last dive will be completely solo.

What you need to know

Course cost US $490.

You need to be Padi Advanced Open Water qualified or equivalent from another agency.

Minimum age 18 yrs

You need to have proof of 100 logged dives.

You need to have excellent basic dive skills and be willing to follow strict safety protocols.

You will need to own a full set of personal dive gear plus safety equipment for this course.

The loan of extra gear, spare gear, plus a pony bottle with regulators is included. However to own and bring with you all the gear you regularly dive with plus the required safety equipment for this course.

This course is not just about “passing the skills test”, you will be required to demonstrate that you have the correct “mind set” for independent diving.

This course takes 2 days + to complete. This timing and the costing presumes that you have excellent basic skills, if additional training time is required it will be provided at extra cost.

What you will learn

Why we use the buddy system and why Solo Diving is very special and requires a defined skill set.

The mental discipline, attitudes and aptitudes to engage in independent diving.

Safety equipment including DSMB’s, redundant air sources and signalling equipment.

The importance of specific dive planning.

Management of independent diving problems and emergencies.

SAC rate calculation along with gas management and planning.

How to Book

Please book early, places for Scuba Diving in St Kitts are always limited (Small groups only!).

Check the medical requirements for the course, contact me if you are unsure.

We have an information sheet available, please contact me.

You can also book directly with Pro Divers St Kitts here.

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