St Kitts Scuba Diving Sites

St Kitts Reef diving sites.

The reef system here in St Kitts is so extensive that there are many sites that have yet to be named. Brimstone Shallows for instance is a good example as it contains not only “The Rock” but many other individual dive sites. The same site may have different names, similar names or simply no name at all, this is probably a reflection on the fact that the diving here is less developed than on many other Caribbean islands. This of course means that many dive sites in St Kitts are in excellent condition and offer better diving than some of the more widely known sites in the Caribbean.
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The Rock

The Rock forms part of the Brimstone Shallows Dive Site, St Kitts and is located around 2 miles from the shore.
Here you will find pristine soft and hard corals. Schools of fish abound here. Larger fish are often seen along the sides of the gently sloping walls.
This is the furthest from the shoreline of any of the reefs around St Kitts.This reef is so extensive that it contains a number of excellent dive sites.
It is here that we find the Caribbean Grey Reef Shark, along with schools of Horse eye Jacks and large shoals of Creole Wrasse.
Gently sloping walls with deep water on both sides mean an abundance of marine life.

Depths 45 ft to 140 ft

Grey Reef Sharks on Brimstone Shallows reef, St Kitts

South Brimstone

One of the deeper parts of the Brimstone Shallows Dive Site, St Kitts and is located around 2 miles from the shore.
Soft and hard corals here are in excellent condition.
The wall on the seaward side slopes down to a sandy bottom with has patches of coral growing in the sand.
On the top of the wall you will find schools of fish.
Larger fish are often seen along the sides of the gently sloping walls and Grey Reef sharks are common..
Sloping walls with deep water on both sides mean an abundance of marine life.

Depths 65 ft to 150 ft

South Brimstone reef, St Kitts. Feeding Lionfish to the Sharks on a 50 M / 165ft technical dive

Bird Rock Reef

Bird Rock Reef Dive Site, St Kitts is about 3/4 mile offshore of the village of Bird Rock.
Sloping walls and small pinnacles off from the main reef mean there is some very interesting topography here.
A very easy dive,you can dive the top, for a shallower dive or the walls for a deeper dive
You will find an abundance of small fish and also the occasional Lobster, Moray Eel or Octopus hiding out among the Coral.
Stingrays and Garden Eels are to be found in the sand.

Depths 45 ft to 70 ft

Watch Garden eels emerge from the sandy bottom while scuba diving in St Kitts

Camps Reef

Camps Reef Dive Site, St Kitts is located just offshore from the village of Camps.
Lots of volcanic rock around with deep crevices where the smaller fish will be hiding.
There is a nurse shark that frequents this area.
In places the wall drops to a sandy bottom where Southern Stingrays are common.
Close to “The Vents” this reef also has a small hydrothermal vent.

Depths 40 ft to 60 ft

Camps Reef, St Kitts. Large Green Moray Eel.

Challengers Reef

Challengers Reef Dive Site, St Kitts is named because of its location just offshore from the village of Challengers.
A typical multi level dive site with gently sloping walls.
Lots of marine life to be found, often a good place for Lobster.
Overhangs and rock formations mean an interesting dive.

Depths 45 ft to 70 ft

Huge 18th Century Anchor on Challengers Reef St Kitts.

Finger Reef

Finger Reef Dive Site, St Kitts is part of the Brimstone Shallows reef system and offers some excellent diving. This reef is named because of the long thin pinnacles of rock with deep ridges dropping off on all sides.
The top of these underwater pinnacles reef is at 65 – 70 feet with the deep blue of the Caribbean sea surrounding it.
Large Grey Reef Sharks as are Schools of Wrasse and Horse Eye Jacks , plus of course the odd Eagle Ray and whatever else swims in from the deep ocean.
Always an interesting dive with lots going on around you.
Look out for the lost Gnomes which live on this site.

Depths 70 ft to 150 ft

The wild Gnomes of St Kitts. Good news for Scuba Divers.

Friars Bay Reef

Friars Bay Reef Dive Site, St Kitts is located about a mile offshore from Friars Bay.
it has become a popular site for many and will always provide a nice easy reef dive with plenty to see.
Juvenile angelfish abound, as do big lobsters and spotted morays.
Stingrays are to be found buried in the sand and sea Turtles are common..

Depths 40 ft to 50 ft

Green Turtle joins me on a safety stop in St Kitts

Harbor Reef

Harbor Reef Dive Site, St Kitts, as its name suggests,is located just outside the harbor.
This is a circular reef small enough to swim all the way round in a single dive.
Lots of marine life here, shoals of smaller fish are to be seen everywhere.
A good site for seeing Octopus and Speckled Moray Eels.
We usually find large Southern Stingrays on the sandy seabed around the reef.

Depths 45 ft to 60 ft

Southern Stingrays on Harbour Reef St Kitts.

The Monkeys

Monkey Reef or Monkey Shoals Dive Site, St Kitts, is located just outside the channel that lies between St Kitts and Nevis.
The location of this coral atoll usually means excellent visibility and lots of fish life.
There are a number of dive sites here ranging from shallow fish nurseries to deep overhangs.
The deeper overhangs in particular are ideal hangouts for Nurse Sharks, Moray Eels and large Spiny Lobsters.
Being in the open channel sometimes the sea conditions can be quite choppy and occasional currents can be experienced.

Depths 40 ft to 70 ft

"White Hole", Monkey Shoals Reef, St Kitts

The Vents

The Vents Dive Site, St Kitts, is located about 15 minutes out of the harbor.
On one side of the reef sits a large semicircular hollow.
As you swim towards this hollow you can see a shimmering in the water.
Swimming closer and above the hollow the water feels strangely warm and you find a plume of 90° F water coming up from the geothermal vent somewhere deep below the earth.
Lots of marine life to see on this very unusual dive.
Speckled Morays are very common and occasionally we will feed them Lionfish.

Depths 40 ft to 70 ft

A Scuba Dive on the Vents Reef St Kitts

Paradise Reef

Paradise Reef Dive Site, St Kitts is located in the sheltered bay at Old Road.
This reef is large enough for 2 dives, the deeper seaward wall and reef and then the shallower landward side.
This reef is close to the the site of the old harbor and number of old anchors can still to be seen.
Fish life includes lots of Barracuda, occasional Turtle, the old Nurse Shark, Moray Eels and the usual parade of bait fish. The coral here is in excellent condition, being protected from storms by the bay.
The sand around the reef is a good spot for Rays and Conch.
The sandy bottom on the seaward side is the ideal place to “treasure hunt” for old bottles

Depths 40 ft to 80 ft

It's called "Paradise Reef" for a reason! Abundance of small fishes on a St Kitts coral reef

Sandy Point Reef

Sandy Reef Dive Site, St Kitts is located close to shore on the North West corner of the island
This reef has coral formations that form deep canyons and areas you can swim through.
The reef is in good condition and fish of all kinds are abundant.
Unfortunately the proximity to shore can mean visibility is variable.
The journey time and sometimes variable visibility means this is a reef we rarely visit.

Depths 40 ft to 60 ft

Sandy Point Reef Saturday 25th January 2020

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