Padi Scuba Diver Upgrade Course

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Upgrade your Padi Scuba Diver qualification to a full Open Water Certification while on vacation in St Kitts.

Your Padi Scuba Diver Certification limits your diving to a maximum depth of 40 ft, during which you must be directly supervised by a professional.

Completing the full Padi Open Water Course here in St Kitts certifies you to dive with a buddy to a maximum depth of 60 ft.

The Padi Scuba Diver Upgrade course has 3 components

Home Study – Use your existing Open Water Manual.

A short pool session to practice the new skills needed for qualification.

Open Water Dives – 2 ocean dives from our boat completed in 1 day.

What you need to know

Course cost US $330 (Does not include manuals or logbook – you should have these already).

This course takes 1.5 days to complete.

If you are upgrading from an old Padi “Basic Scuba Diver” qualification, (these were issued prior to 1987) then you have a similar path to the full Open Water Diver certification, please contact me to discuss the details.

What you will learn

A refresher for the skills you have from your “Scuba Diver” qualification.

New skills required for full Open Water Diver qualification.

Dive computer use.

How to Book

Please book early, places for Scuba Diving in St Kitts are always limited (Small groups only!).

Check the medical requirements for the course, contact me if you are unsure.

We have an information sheet available, please contact me.

You can also book directly with Pro Divers St Kitts here.

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