Padi Reactivate Course

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Not been diving for a few years and want to refresh your diving skills in St Kitts?
This course is for you.

This course covers all the skills you were taught at Open Water but with an emphasis on tailoring to your requirements.
Two full dives on a regular dive trip included.

Certification from another agency? No problem! This course is still available for you.

The Padi Reactivate Course has 3 components

Home Study – Padi Reactivate eLearning.

Planning session and academics review.

Open Water Dives – 2 ocean dives from our boat completed in 1 day.

What you need to know

Course cost US $220 + eLearning fee.

The Reactivate course is available to any qualified diver irrespective of qualification level or original training agency.

This course takes one half day (08.15 to 2pm) plus a 1 hour classroom session.

This course includes 2 full ocean dives with me, you will be “actually diving, not just training”

On completion you with receive a new Certification Card with both your original qualification date and your Reactivate date.
Non Padi divers will receive a Padi “Reactivate” card.

What you will learn

Renew your “knowledge” with the on-line course.

Refresh the skills you need.

Course is tailored to your requirements. You are expected to assist in the planning.

Includes computer training and anything else you may request

How to Book

Please book early, places for Scuba Diving in St Kitts are always limited (Small groups only!).

Check the medical requirements for the course, contact me if you are unsure.

We have an information sheet available, please contact me.

You can also book directly with Pro Divers St Kitts here.

Cruise Ship Visitors

We can offer you this course, please talk to us..

We can also offer you 2 dives with a private instructor for the day.

The cost of this is US $60 for 2 dives. plus the regular 2 tank dive fee.

For more information, please contact me.

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