Padi Ocean Safety Diver Course

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Limited ocean diving experience?
Completed your Open Water in a Lake?
Build upon your Open Water training in St Kitts.
This unique Padi Ocean Safety Diver course builds experience in the ocean and teaches you new safety techniques for ocean diving.

The Ocean is a very different place to a freshwater lake, it can be calm on the surface yet running a strong current when you enter the water, conditions can change quickly.
Are you prepared for safe diving? do you have the right safety equipment?
Many divers nowadays train in inland waters (I trained in a quarry in the UK).
I developed this course after experiencing the problems some divers have on their first true ocean dives.

Two full Ocean dives in St Kitts are included, we are diving and learning as we dive
This is a chance to build your experience and safety while in a small group under Instructor supervision.

The Padi Ocean Safety Diver Course has 3 components

Home Study – A short home study manual will be emailed to you.

Detailed dive preparation and briefing – Safety equipment, dive planning and dive techniques.

Open Water Dives – 2 ocean dives from our boat completed in 1 day.

What you need to know

Course cost US $245

You need to be Padi Open Water qualified (as a minimum) or equivalent from another agency.
Juniors can take this course at 12 yrs old.

This course takes a single day (around 5 hours) to complete when you are with us.
This can be easily completed if you are visiting St Kitts on a cruise ship

What you will learn

Safety through dive planning, site evaluation and gas management techniques.

Safe dive boat procedures.

Safe techniques for entering and exiting the water in wave conditions.

Weighting and buoyancy for salt water.

How currents / waves / winds effect your diving.

Dive computer set up and use..

Marine Life considerations, reef conservation.

Use of surface “Safety Sausage”.

Surface signalling devices.

Underwater Signalling devices.

Simple compass use to enhance safety.

Many of these skills regular ocean divers “take for granted” because they learned it all from experience.

This course qualifies as one of the 5 Specialty courses required for Padi Master Scuba Diver Certification.

How to Book

Please book early, places for Scuba Diving in St Kitts are always limited (Small groups only!).

Check the medical requirements for the course, contact me if you are unsure.

We have an information sheet available, please contact me.

You can also book directly with Pro Divers St Kitts here.

Cruise Ship Visitors

This course is available to Cruise ship guests

For more information, please contact me.

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