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Are “Trust Me” Dives safe? The problems of divemaster led dives

Vacation dives, led by a divemaster are the only type of dives that many divers actually do.
Many of these dives become “Trust Me” dives and a lot of divers just don’t appreciate the dangers when a regular “please show me the cool stuff” type of dive become as a “Trust Me” dive.

Solo Diving – Madness? Or just another way to dive safely?

Solo Diving is a style of Scuba Diving where you are completely self reliant, you do not have or wish to have a dive buddy.
Solo Divers are trained differently, they need to carry extra gear, they not only have a “Plan A” but also a “Plan B” for when things go wrong.

When should you take your Advanced Open Water Course.

“Advanced courses of study or qualifications are intended for people who are already skilled or who have a good knowledge of a subject:”
After passing your Open Water Certification you should certainly meet this criteria!

Scuba Diving depth limits

Depth limitations for the various scuba diving certifications.
These limits progressively become deeper as you develop your skill set and take further training courses.

How to use less Air while Scuba Diving


There are very few divers out there who don’t wish they could make that tank of air last longer.
There are no secrets to enjoying a longer dive, however it takes attention to detail and practice.

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