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Am I Safe to Dive – by David J Hall

Sometimes I tend to overlook my own self-evaluation before diving. Perhaps we all know it’s not a matter of “can I dive”, it could be a matter of “should I dive”?

When should you take your Advanced Open Water Course.

“Advanced courses of study or qualifications are intended for people who are already skilled or who have a good knowledge of a subject:”
After passing your Open Water Certification you should certainly meet this criteria!

Scuba Diving depth limits

Depth limitations for the various scuba diving certifications.
These limits progressively become deeper as you develop your skill set and take further training courses.

The top 3 BCD mistakes that many divers make

The modern BCD is a very impressive piece of gear, however many divers use the BCD as their primary buoyancy device. Your lungs are your primary buoyancy device, your BCD is there to keep the tank on your back, enable you to float safely on the surface and ASSIST with GETTING NEUTRAL UNDERWATER.

How to use less Air while Scuba Diving


There are very few divers out there who don’t wish they could make that tank of air last longer.
There are no secrets to enjoying a longer dive, however it takes attention to detail and practice.

Communication for Divers, this is what you need to know

As a new diver it is so easy to feel that you are the only “newbie” on the boat.
Well, we experienced divers did not get that way by keeping our mouths closed, we asked questions, we acknowledged that there was so much we didn’t know and we took the time to find out.

You can walk the walk and dive the dive, but can you talk the talk

I was chatting to a lady diver from South Africa the other day and she used a slang term I had never heard of before, that got me thinking, what are some other terms unique to diving that are used around the world.
Surface Intervals are great for this sort of chat, so I changed the subject from the usual “Sport and Politics” and came up with this list:

Pass on your knowledge: