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Share in the knowledge and experience I have gained while diving and teaching scuba diving in St Kitts. Dive with the only Padi 5 Star resort in St Kitts.
Come and train in St Kitts with me, I am a Padi Master Instructor and I offer 16 Padi Training courses in the warm clear waters of St Kitts.

Padi Scuba Diver Training Courses

Padi Scuba Diver training is respected and recognised all over the world. From introductory courses, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver and Speciality courses, here in St Kitts we can start you on your Scuba Diving Adventure or help you increase your diving skills.

Padi Discover Scuba Diving in St Kitts

An opportunity to find out what "Scuba Diving" is all about without commiting to a full course.

Ideal starting point for a competent ocean snorkeller. Can be enjoyed as a cruise ship visitor.

Padi Open Water Diver in St Kitts

Your first Scuba training course, "Everybody starts here."

Learn the skills required to dive with a buddy to a maximum depth of 60 ft.

Referral courses also available, please ask for details.

Padi Advanced Diver in St Kitts

A course to extend your knowledge, learn new techniques and discover how to dive safely beyond 60ft

Includes Navigation and a Deep dive to 100 ft.

Padi Ocean Safety Diver in St Kitts

Want to be a safer diver? Limited Ocean diving experience?

Go beyond the safety techniques taught in your Open Water course.

Our own Padi Specialty Course.

New to scuba diving and need advice?

Check out our new blog on all things Scuba Diving.

Updated weekly with advice on gear, diving safety, problem solving guides and much more. You can also sign up to be notified of every new post so you never miss out.

Padi Reactivate Course in St Kitts

A chance to refresh your diving skills and "get back into diving"

Includes both Academics and In Water Training.

Padi Scuba Diver Upgrade in St Kitts

Turn that "Scuba Diver" card into a full Certification.

Remove that 40 ft limit and the need for Professional supervision

Peak Performance Bouyancy in St Kitts

If you master bouyancy control, you master the skills of diving.

Use less air, carry less weight, improve your dive times.

Padi Solo(Self Reliant) Diver in St Kitts

Learn how to safely dive without a buddy.

All the special techniques, skills and gear required for Solo Diving.

Padi Deep Diver in St Kitts

Maximum recreational depth is 130ft. This course prepares you to dive to that depth.

Safety, Gas planning,and a whole lot more.

Padi Wreck Diver in St Kitts

Learn what it takes to safely dive, navigate and penetrate a shipwreck.

Wrecks are fascinating places to dive, learn new skills and have fun

Padi Navigation Course in St Kitts

Is underwater navigation really that difficult?, this course teaches you the skills.

Compass and Natural Navigation. "Never get lost again"

Emergency First Response Course in St Kitts

Need a first Aid course prior to Rescue Diver?

This 1 day course meets Padi and ILCOR guidelines.

Underwater Photography in St Kitts

Have an underwater camera? Learn how to take better photographs and videos.

For divers new to Underwater Photograhy.

Padi Search and Recovery in St Kitts

Dropped a camera? Lost a light? Learn how to safely recover lost gear.

Navigation Skills required. Best completed after Navigation Course.

Padi Project Aware in St Kitts

"Where Conservation meets adventure" "Project Aware"

Fish and Coral id.

Reef Conservation.

Padi Rescue Diver in St Kitts

Keep you and your buddy safe. Prepares you to handle dive emergencies.

A new set of skills for when a problem arises.