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Share in the knowledge and experience I have gained while diving and teaching scuba diving in St Kitts. Dive with the only Padi 5 Star resort in St Kitts.
Travel to St Kitts to learn and improve your scuba diving with me. 16 Padi courses from beginner to Solo Diver. Dive with the only Padi 5 Star resort in St Kitts.

Scuba Diving in St Kitts

Dive Boat Calm Seas

Here in St Kitts the weather is very reliable, we have sunshine almost everyday.

St Kitts scuba diving visibility is excellent, usually in the 60ft (18m) plus range.
Water temperatures are warm enough for a 3mm suit, up to 84° in summer, down to 79° in winter. (26°-.28°C)
St Kitts scuba diving is on the well sheltered Caribbean (leeward) side of the island.
Strong currents here in St Kitts are virtually unknown, this makes for ideal conditions for both beginners and experienced scuba divers alike.

Boat Diving with Pro Divers St Kitts

Pro Divers St Kitts Logo Dive Boat Kuriala
  • 38ft (12M) twin hull (catamaran) custom built dive boat
  • The boat has a double gear rack down the center with outer seating for everyone.
  • There is ample room for 14 divers on this boat
  • Flat deck so "giant stride" entry, 2 rear ladders for getting back on

More about Pro Divers St Kitts

Pro Divers St Kitts are the only PADI 5 Star diving center on the island.
I work and teach exclusively with Pro Divers.
This is a family run business and has been established for over 30 years.
A very personal service, which I love being part of and an atmosphere of fun and professionalism, along with a strong emphasis of safety.

Pro Divers St Kitts have a dedicated team which aims to bring every diver, qualified or in training the best diving experience available.

Pro Divers St Kitts is a Padi 5 Star resort

Pro Divers St Kitts Logo Pro Divers St Kitts Logo

There are many PADI dive resorts around the world, not all of them are 5 Star centers.

To qualify as a Padi 5 Star Dive Resort takes work and dedication.

Padi standards include:
  • Dive Boat Quality - Safety - Maintenance.
  • Dive Boat Safety Equipment - First Aid - Oxygen Availability.
  • Rental Gear - Quality - Maintenance - Availability.
  • Diver Safety - Rules - Diver accountability systems.
  • Compressor and fill station maintenance and air quality.
  • Educational Standards - Courses offered - Qualified Instructors and many more standards.

Does all this make a difference?
Come and dive with us and you will agree that it does!

Your St Kitts Training Instructor

Photo of Terry Crookes
  • Padi Master Instructor.
  • Scuba Diving Educator.
  • Scuba Diving in St Kitts for 11 years.
  • Over 2,000 registered students with Padi.
  • Originally trained in England.
  • Padi Elite Instructor Award every year 2013 to 2019
  • Author of a popular Scuba Diving Blog.
  • My YouTube Channel St Kitts Scuba Diving Videos.
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Padi Courses I teach in St Kitts:

I am also qualified to teach:

  • Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty
  • Night Diving Specialty
  • Dry Suit Specialty
  • Padi Assistant Instructors
  • Padi Open Water Instructors (With a course director)

Non teaching qualifications:

  • TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver
  • TDI Helitrox Diver
  • TDI Sidemount Diver

What is a Master Instructor?

Every Padi Instructor starts out as an "Open Water Scuba Instructor"
After further training they will become "Padi Master Scuba Diver trainers" (MSDT)
The Padi Master Instructor is unique in the Padi system - it is the only one you cannot earn by taking a training course.
After qualifying as an IDC Staff Instructor, you must have at least 2 years experience as an Instructor PLUS certify at least 150 students across all courses AND have certified a minimum of 10 EFR students. In addition you have to attend Padi seminars and demonstrate a complete understanding of the Padi system of teaching.

What Padi Says about Master Instructors.

"PADI Master Instructors are recognized as elite scuba diving educators who, through dedication and hard work, have proven to be dive industry leaders. You earn the Master Instructor rating by exemplifying what it means to be a scuba diving professional through your teaching efforts and professional conduct."