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When you think of Caribbean Scuba Diving then the island of St Kitts is probably not the first destination that comes to mind. We do however enjoy some wonderful dive sites here. Come and Dive St Kitts and enjoy!
St Kitts Scuba Diving is very much like the rest of the Island, relaxed, unspoilt and very enjoyable. On our reefs the soft corals in particular are in excellent condition and we enjoy a large population of Sea Turtles, Southern Stingray, Moray Eels, Caribbean Lobster and many varieties of fish. You will also find a number of wrecks to explore.

St Kitts Dive Sites Conch

There are many exciting Scuba Diving sites around the island of St Kitts so "bring a buddy" and dive St Kitts with me ..............

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Photo and Video Albums Fan Coral

Over the last 7 years I have taken a lot of underwater photos and videos while diving the wrecks and reefs of St Kitts. Share these with me and dive St Kitts right now .........
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Relax and Enjoy St Kitts Clock Tower Basseterre
Don't just dive St Kitts, we have beautiful countryside, a rain forest, duty free shopping, soft sandy beaches, and the only working railroad in the Caribbean ...........

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Thinking of diving for the first time

I often take guests on their very first Discover Scuba Diving experience here in St Kitts.
I also teach many people how to dive every year. If you dive St Kitts with me you will not be dissapointed.
So if you want discover scuba in St Kitts for the very first time, take an Open Water Course here in St Kitts or are a qualified diver wishing to gain more experience, all the information you need is on my training pages. Scuba diver training in St Kitts

This site is brought to you by a St Kitts scuba diver

I am Padi Master Instructor and a Naui Scuba Instructor, living and working in St Kitts. All the Diving Photos and Videos have been taken here while diving in St Kitts.
I Dive St Kitts many times each week and every dive is always special.
I love my diving and my teaching and this is my attempt to share some of those experiences with you.
I hope you find this site an interesting and authoritative guide to Scuba Diving in St Kitts. More about me